Mobile Catering Solutions – Starting a New Business

Starting up a new business can be full of doubt and risks which can be very daunting, especially for those who have no experience in the industry. Although we are not caterers ourselves we have the knowledge and experiences of our clients, which we have built up over our 40 years in manufacturing catering units for all purposes. We will help and advise you with that knowledge we have acquired to make sure your layout and the design of your units meets the needs and type of catering you will be doing.

Mobile catering is an ever growing market and generally start-up costs are very low compared with that of bricks and mortar. Having a ‘Mobile’ business means you can take your unit to your customers allowing you to travel all over the country in search of the most profitable pitches, sites, events, festivals etc. Many of our clients use their mobile units to launch their businesses giving them excellent opportunities to make a good profit margin due to low overheads making it much lower risk. Our clients are able to grow their business this way ordering more units as they grow or are able to make sure their business model is profitable enough to make the jump to invest in permanent premises.

For further details on setting up your new business including ‘How do I apply for a licence and a pitch?’ please visit NCASS. They are dedicated to helping you become as successful business, with special memberships available, yearly events guides and great insurance deals. Once you have your Wilkinson unit NCASS are a one stop shop to help you use your fabulous unit to its full potential.

Our Agency Service

Investing in and starting up a new business can be a nerve-racking exercise!

Asking yourself questions like, ‘What if I spend all this money and it all goes wrong?’ or ‘What if we don’t get any customers?’

At Wilkinson’s we meet many entrepreneurs setting up for the first time and we make it our job to help as much as possible in making sure you get the right kind of unit with the right equipment to get you going. If however, you buy a unit and decide that it’s not right for you or if your business experiences high growth and you need a bigger and better unit, we can help you sell your unit. You are more likely to sell your unit with us at the price you want then privately.

Please ask us for more details when you enquire.

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