Mobile Catering Solutions – Kiosks

Our Catering & Retail Kiosks are an ideal solution for a more permanent pitch. They can be removed and re-sited quite easily, so planning permission may not be an issue. These units can be placed outside on a chosen pitch or inside an existing building and can be manufactured in a Kit form to be assembled on site.

Available in GRP or Stainless steel and in a variety of finishes, shapes and sizes with one of our Kiosks it will really set your business apart. Custom built to your design, this can include Roof signs/Header Boards, External lighting, extendable awnings, up graded Electrical Systems and much more.  Kiosks can be available with our without equipment.

Kiosks are suitable for a wide range of usages including the following; –

Hospitals/Airports kiosks

Kiosks can provide catering for people entering and exiting hospitals and to complement existing catering facilities. With a lot less hassle and red tape as a building might create, Kiosks can be a quick solution that can be built off site, minimising disruption at a busy hospital.

We can also provide self-contained catering or retail units that can be fitted together on site inside or outside airports. The units can come in a range of styles to suit the proposed positioning, existing branding and of course your needs. The unit can also be moved to different locations as and when required.

Service Station kiosks

We have provided Kiosk solutions to many of the UK’s Service Stations for customers such as MOTO and Road Chef providing them with Costa Coffee, West Cornwall Pasty Co. and W H Smith’s kiosks.

Service Stations are dealing with increasing numbers of customers and a need for a more varied choice than days of old. Our Kiosks give service stations the option to extend businesses around existing structures at a fraction of the cost of bricks and mortar. Plus less disturbances to existing business’s due to the unit being build off site and a small sitting window. Some sites potentially not having to apply for planning permission, as they are classed as a movable non-permanent structure.

Supermarkets/Retail Outlets kiosks

We recently provided a kiosk to Asda to assist them whilst they were having their café refurbished, allowing them to still offer some of their services and not missing out on sales opportunities whilst the work is being carried out. As the kiosk is built off site it can be dropped into position with little disturbance and removed again with no impact on its surroundings. Kiosks in supermarkets or retails outlets are on the increase.

With the current economic issues and problems within the high street, retailers are trying to find new ways to reduce costs. A standalone shop in a static or mobile form can be more beneficial to an owner, for example if your location is not proving to be right for you and your business, your unit can easily be moved to a more suitable location. Suitable for any use not just mobile catering, how about a clothing shop kiosk, shoe shop kiosk or a florist kiosk?

Education/School Catering kiosks

Space is currently at a premium and costly, when it comes to educational buildings. Planning permission to extend existing buildings or build new structures can prove difficult along with the cost implications of such a construction.

Wilkinson’s can provide solutions to these problems with our permanent or non-permanent, movable structures. The uses for these units can be to provide an alternative source of catering in absence or an addition to a cafeteria, a tuck shop, supply shop or even a learning facility/ classroom.

Some customers have also requested trailers that can be moved to different locations based on their parameters, or for events. Please visit our main website for examples of trailers.

Sports and Leisure Kiosks

There is a growing demand for food and refreshment stands at sports stadiums. We can provide Kiosks to suit a range of locations to fit in with your requirements.

Some football grounds have gone for trailers so they can be moved as and when they please and they can transport them, themselves to different locations.

Container Kiosks

We can convert containers into kiosks for any location, they are easy to ship and can be adapted to suit any needs. Whether that is a busy central location or a beach side bar with roof top terrace.

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