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Gourmet Express Mobile Catering's expansion project

Bavarian Oktoberfest culture fan Stefan Schenkelberg wants to expand his Rainer's Bavarian Grill kitchen with a portable bar - but needs £4,800 by 31 January.

Stefan Schenkelberg and his wife Regina launched their crowd-funding campaign for Rainer's Bavarian Grill mobile beer bar last week. They are two icons of the Bavarian summer - the Bratwurst and a cold steiner.

But the budding businessman is aiming to expand their existing mobile kitchen to add a beer tent and beer bar.

Stefan, 53 and his wife Regina, 52, have launched a crowd-funding campaign for their Rainer's Bavarian Grill without the oil venture, which they believe will make them the first portable vendor in England to offer a range of German beers and Bratwurst.

But time is of the essence and the business couple's target requires them to raise £4,800 by January 31.

Passionate about Oktoberfest Beers

Stefan said: "We have chosen to use our iconic food trailer because it is just so quintessentially Bavarian.

"But Rainer's Bavarian Grill van will take that idea and flip it on its head. Our Project will create an upgraded version of the Bavarian food van."

He added: "We're doing it because we're passionate about Bavaria's culture particularly during the month of October.

"And there are so many quality beers out there, particularly in the Bavarian region, and I don't think people know enough about the range of possible offerings."

Named after Stefan's brother, Rainer's Bavarian Grill and beer bar will offer lagers from all around Germany in addition to the traditional Bratwurst and hot dog and will be available to hire for parties, weddings and other events.

It's about getting Oktoberfest tradition out there

Stefan also said he was looking to target the festival scene and added: "I am looking at getting local beer from rural areas in Bavaria, beer that has been brewed not by huge companies but small ones, independent ones.

"My wife and I just want to try and help people in these rather difficult economic times to cheer them up with food and fun and, from what we have researched, we are the only portable Oktoberfest themed food and drink stall doing it this way."

Suppliers are lining up for the beers and the Oxfordshire based butcher is producing the German sausage with the smoky taste, known in Germany as 'Knacker'. It's a win-win.

"People love the Knacker and the orders have, since introduction, gone up already substantially. Sourcing meat locally does make sense," said Stefan.

Confident they'll hit deadline

Stefan said: "It's going well so far. We have got a lot of support from everyone we have spoken to. They all seem really interested."

"A lot of people have told that they like it because of the innovative approach. First it was the air frying no oil cooking, now people look forward to a cold beer accompanying the food. It's unique, so it's great to get that positive feedback."

Although funding comes in slowly, so far Stefan is confident they will hit their target by the deadline.

"We have seen other projects that have asked for double the money we are aiming for and they have been successful," Stefan added.

They have also considered other financial sources aside and are in contact with a government support group, Wenta Enterprise Agency, and meetings have been held.

Working together with his wife and pastry cook Regina, Stefan hopes the company will be able to launch big just before Easter.

Do you believe in the wurst and steiner movement for England?

Regina and Stefan have been operating a mobile food business since 2011, see www.cocacolaandfood.net

Stefan explained: "I would just like people to get behind us. People who believe in food and fun and people who have had the experience of Oktoberfest fun who just want to help out.

"Both my wife and I will be jumping for joy if we reach our target."



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