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At Wilkinson Catering Systems, our dedication to excellence extends across a wide array of industries. We take pride in crafting bespoke catering systems, mobile kiosks, and catering trailers that cater to the unique needs of each sector. Explore how we serve various industries, ensuring quality, innovation, and impeccable design.

Kiosk Solutions for Retail. Retail Kiosk Conversions by Wilkinson Catering Systems


Discover the perfect fit for your retail business. Our container conversions offer versatile pop-up shops and boutiques, ideal for attracting shoppers with their industrial-chic aesthetics. From art exhibitions to specialty stores, we’ve got your retail needs covered.


Elevate your hospitality experience with our innovative catering systems. Whether you’re in the market for a mobile café, restaurant, bar, or microbrewery, our solutions are designed to boost your brand’s presence and provide an unforgettable dining or drinking experience.

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Food & Drink

For the food and beverage industry, our container conversions are a game-changer. Convert a shipping container into a dynamic café or restaurant, enhancing your dining space with creativity, style, and efficiency.


We’ve transformed the school dining experience with our catering systems. Our units meet or exceed safety and health standards, providing a safe, secure, and efficient dining environment for students and staff. It’s about ensuring the well-being of the next generation.

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Festivals & Events

Bring the magic of festivals and events to life with our mobile kiosks and catering trailers. These units are designed for versatility, enabling you to serve up gourmet delights and beverages at any location. From coffee to gourmet burgers, we’ve got your festival and event needs covered.

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