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At Wilkinson Mobile Catering we can offer simple, straight-forward finance options that are easy to understand and adjusted to fit your budgets. After deposits, you could be the proud owner of a new Wilkinson Catering trailer, giving you the financial flexibility to move forwards with your mobile catering business.
These are 3 questions our finance company are likely to ask you to initially ascertain if they think you may be eligible for finance.

1. Are you a homeowner of a property in the UK?
2. Do you have a close relative that can stand Guarantor with UK property?
3. Are you already trading in mobile catering with at least a years’ worth of accounts?

If you can’t answer yes to either of these questions then it may be unlikely we would be able to secure you finance. If that is the case it may be wise to look at other options of funding like approaching your bank, looking for business start-up grants/loans or perhaps looking at something second hand to get your business afloat. Once you have a year’s accounts behind you may be in a better position to be put forward to certain brokers.

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Calculating your budget and finance


Remember, in most cases we will ask for a 25% deposit, however depending on your circumstances the finance company may only require a 10% deposit, if so we will refund you the difference at the end once the finance company has completed payment.
When calculating your budget for finance you may want to base your application using the following example:

Total including inc VAT – 10% Deposit = Finance Needed.

Example £15,000 – £1,500 = £13,500 finance needed


Remember to add VAT when pricing up your equipment.  Our price list and other prices are all excluding VAT unless stated otherwise.

Equipment cost + 20% VAT = Total Cost

Example £5000 + £1000 = £6000

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