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Long-awaited cafe opens at The Wrekin hill

Honeypot Cafe has been set up in the Wrekin car park by Shropshire Wildlife Trust as a new service and is serving up snacks and drinks to walkers who come from near and far to enjoy the hill views.

It has been placed at the site of the historic Forest Glen centre that was rebuilt at Blists Hill, in Ironbridge.

The catering team actually rolled up the windows and started trading at the site in The Ercall earlier this year, but have only now been able to hold the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Absolutely smashing

How does a former police officer end up selling bangers and mash for a living? DENISE BARKLEY hears his extraordinary tale.

BANGERS and mash are a British staple and, judging by the success of former Wiltshire policeman Tom Kinderman’s catering company, this traditional comfort food is still a winner.

Off to Dreamland

In May 2017, we had the privilege of delivering 8 units to one of the oldest amusement parks in the UK, Dreamland based in the Margate area.  We are delighted to have been able to have played a small role in the future of this historic site and wish it every success. 

All About Image

At Wilkinson Catering we are very used to helping our clients create and build the workings of the unit they are looking for.  We know how to connect the dots, if you like. Adding the sinks, placing the fridges and connecting the power etc. etc.

King’s Sandwich Shop on wheels ready to tap into ‘New Durham

The conventionally understood life cycle of many new restaurants seems to go like this: idea leads to food truck; food truck leads to success; success leads to brick-and-mortar restaurant.

King’s Sandwich Shop in the Central Park neighborhood is anything but conventional, and as it approaches its 75th anniversary, its owners are turning the well-worn story of food truck-to-restaurant on its head.

Suited-up Citroen Relay van goes on sale this month

Funny how things interconnect.

Possibly thanks to certain well-known websites and the effective abandonment of copyright, musicians can’t really make any money from record sales any more. As a result, musicians are returning to the idea of going on tour as a means of earning a living.

That is leading to an increase in music festivals. Naturally, people who go to music festivals have to eat, so there’s a need for food. And because festivals usually take place in open fields, that food has to be provided by mobile catering units.

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